The Surprising Way This Teacher “Tricks” Her Students Into Studying

Students write only what they can fit on a 3×5 note card.

Stills from TikTok of teacher sharing high school testing strategy

Forget highlighters, mnemonic devices, and elaborate annotating. Has the best high school testing strategy been under our noses this whole time?

High school science teacher and content creator @lets.get.chemical shares a testing strategy that might seem like somewhat of a hot take at first, but her reasoning is spot-on. Take a look:

The teacher goes on to explain why these note cards pack such a huge punch as an effective high school testing strategy:

1. Students learn to study

One of the most common complaints from secondary teachers (and students!) is that they don’t know how to study. The teacher says this strategy makes students review all the content from the unit or chapter and consider what could be tested material.

2. It builds academic self-awareness and the skill of prioritizing information


With this strategy, students have to evaluate what kind of information they don’t remember as well to put on the note card versus what information they’ve already mastered. With only a 3×5 note card to work with, they’ll have to prioritize certain types of information over others.

3. It allows her to test students’ application of knowledge instead of recall

It might seem like allowing students a “cheat sheet” on all tests is lowering the standard for student performance. But in reality, it allows a teacher to keep the assessment an authentic measure of the application of students’ knowledge as opposed to simple recall.

What commenters are saying about this high school testing strategy:

The comment section sang the praises of this strategy. Students, parents, and teachers all say it’s been a game changer!

Personalizing studying helps cement knowledge long-term

Screen shot about high school testing strategy

It’s helpful for students with learning disorders

Screen shot about high school testing strategy

“It single-handedly taught me how to effectively study.”

Screen shot about high school testing strategy

Helps with testing anxiety

Screen shot about high school teacher's notecard recommendation

The process is more valuable than the product!

Screen shot about high school teacher's notecard recommendation

We love this fresh way of looking at “cheat sheets”—not as cheating, but as making testing better for everyone involved!

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