Take Your Class on Free Virtual Field Trips From Amazon!

Explore careers and technology of the future with these four interactive tours.

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Amazon virtual field trips

There’s no bus ride required to take your students on awesome field trips—host tours virtually! These interactive tours give your students insight into the careers of the future by hearing from Amazon professionals about innovative technology. Your class will love the enthusiastic hosts, engaging videos, and kid-friendly topics!

Hosted on Kahoot!, these free Amazon virtual field trips pause between videos for students to answer trivia questions along the way and spark friendly competition. Plus, each tour comes with a Teacher Toolkit that includes a facilitation guide along with student worksheets, certificates, and extension-learning opportunities. Tours are aligned with NGSS, CSTA, and ISTE standards, so they can tie right into your curriculum.

Learn more about the virtual field trips you can start exploring:

What is “the cloud” anyway?

Amazon virtual field trips data center tour
Amazon/Cloud Computing Tour via amazonfutureengineer.com

How did we get from renting movies on VCR video or DVD to instantaneous streaming across multiple devices? Where is “the cloud”? In the AWS Data Center Tour 1: Uncovering Cloud Computing, learn the basics of computers and streaming using the cloud. Plus, tour an AWS data center to find out how they store movies, music, pictures, and so much more.

Learn where all of our data is stored and kept secure.

Amazon data center virtual field trip
Amazon/Keeping Data Safe via amazonfutureengineer.com

Discover the infrastructure that keeps your information protected while diving into data careers of the future during the AWS Data Center Tour 2: Keeping Data Safe and Sustainable. Phone out of storage space? The cloud is a secure place to upload your photos for safekeeping. Learn how data centers use cooling methods, backup systems, sensors, and more to keep your cloud data secure.

Take a peek into the data center tours:

How does Amazon deliver packages at lightning speed?

Amazon fulfillment center- Amazon virtual field trips
Amazon/Fulfillment Center Tour via amazonfutureengineer.com

Take this behind-the-scenes Robotics Fulfillment Center Tour to see how computer science, engineering, and real people work together to make the magic of Amazon deliveries happen. During this interactive virtual field trip, students meet Amazon engineers who explain concepts like algorithms and machine learning.

  • Key learnings: computer science, robotics, and machine learning as well as hardware and software
  • Grade levels: Grades K-5 version + Grade 6 and up version
  • Length: 45 minutes for grades K-5, 1 hour for grades 6 and up
  • Take the tour: Robotics Fulfillment Center Tour

Check out a preview of the robotics tour:

Discover innovative experiments taking place in space!

Rocket ready to go into space
Amazon/Space Tour via amazonfutureengineer.com

Take a peek at the experimental technology that flew aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft during the Callisto: Space Innovation Tour. Learn about the Artemis I mission and discover how special space technology experiments could change future space travel forever! Experiments on board include testing how a modern-day tablet can run flight software, making high-quality video communication possible in space, and more.

  • Key learnings: how a space craft gets to the moon, deep space communication, AI voice technology, space engineering career paths
  • Grade levels: Grades 4 and up
  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Take the tour: Callisto: Space Innovation Tour

Get a preview of the space tour:

These Amazon virtual field trips help students discover careers of the future while teaching them about modern-day technology. Check out all of the free tours here and sign your class up today!

Explore the cloud, learn about space technology, or find out how packages get delivered so quickly with free Amazon virtual field trips!