Wheel of Careers: Get This Interactive Exploration Activity for Teens

What does a recreation attendant do?

Sponsored By The ASVAB Career Exploration Program
Career exploration activity on a laptop

As a secondary educator, a great service you can do for your students is to get them career ready. Part of that is introducing them to the wide array of careers (and paths!) that are open to them. To that end, we’ve put together this interactive career exploration activity that we’re calling Wheel of Careers.

What’s on the Wheel of Careers?

We selected a variety of careers from many different career clusters, with a special focus on jobs your students probably haven’t heard of. You’ll see jobs that require a college degree and jobs that don’t. New careers and long-standing ones. A wide range of salaries. Here are the careers on the wheel:

  • Animal caretaker
  • Architectural and civil drafter
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Investment manager
  • Interpreter/translator
  • Financial advisor
  • Coroner
  • Sports medicine physician
  • Recreation attendant
  • Social worker
  • Game warden
  • Costume attendant

How do I use this career exploration activity?

First, you’ll make a copy of the Google Slide. We recommend adding it to your Google Classroom, but of course, you can just share the link with your students. They can click on any section of the wheel to learn about that career (there are a mix of articles and videos!). We recommend having students take notes on the careers that they’re most interested in and that align best with their interests or skills. Get our career note-taking sheet here.

See how it works!