20 Best Art Easels for Kids of All Ages

Let that inner artist shine.

Examples of the best art easels for kids including an inflatable easel and a wooden easel with storage bins.
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The benefits of kids engaging in art are enormous. From problem-solving to fine motor skill development, creative endeavors help kids grow in so many different ways. Providing kids with an adequate workspace as well as plenty of supplies helps encourage them to get to work on their next masterpiece. Choosing the right art easel for kids is an important part of the equation. Check out some of our favorites.

Best Tabletop Easels

1. Simplicity

A simple A frame wooden easel is shown. A chain connects the front and back portions to make it collapsible.
School Specialty

This is a simple but effective easel. It features nonskid rubber feet and an adjustable 17½-inch tray so you can accommodate a number of different-size canvases. The foldable, compact design makes it easy to take on the go.

Buy it: American Table Easel, 24 inches at School Specialty

2. Magnetic Option

A wooden framed easel has a magnetic side with magnetic letters on it. There is a tray underneath in this example of an art easel for kids.
Worthington Direct

This tabletop easel is perfect for the tiniest artists since it has a magnetic surface that is great for holding artworks in place or even using magnetic letters to practice spelling. The backside has a chalkboard that can be used for drawing or even for playing school with friends!

Buy it: Magnetic Tabletop Easel at Worthington Direct

3. Sturdy Aluminum

An aluminum tabletop easel is shown as an example of an art easel for kids.
School Outfitters

This is a perfect tabletop easel for artists who need something a little bit more rugged—the heavy-duty aluminum will keep art pieces nice and sturdy. It also has large rubber tips on the legs to prevent sliding. The 12-inch-wide shelf holds small to medium-size art pieces.

Buy it: Art Class Table Easel at School Outfitters

4. Adjustable Inclines

A solid wood easel is shown.

This one is for those that prefer a solid surface to work on that can also be adjusted to the incline of your choosing. We especially love that this affordable easel can easily turn any flat surface into a professional drafting or sketching area.

Buy it: Lucky Crown Adjustable Wood Desk Table at Amazon

5. Storage Galore

A wooden easel has three drawers built into the bottom in this example of an art easel for kids.

This option is both attractive and functional. The storage drawers are a nice option for taking supplies like paper, pencils, and paints with you wherever you go. We especially love the sophisticated wooden design.

Buy it: Wood Desk Table Easel at Amazon

6. Easel and Paper Roll in One

A magnetic easel has a roll of drawing paper at the top. Magnetic letters are shown around it. This example of an art easel for kids also includes a cup holder that folds out.

This art easel for kids provides big bang for your buck since it includes a 50-foot-long paper roll, chalk, letter and number magnets, a dry-erase marker, and an eraser. It folds flat for easy storage too!

Buy it: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel at Amazon

7. Instant Display

A close-up of a metal tripod display easel is shown. In the background Van Gogh's Starry Night is on display in this example of an art easel for kids.

While you probably could make this instant easel work for painting on a heavy canvas, we think this one is best suited to displaying finished artwork. We love the polished but simple look of it.

Buy it: Tabletop Instant Display Easel at Amazon

8. An Easel to Go

A travel art easel for kids is shown folded flat, then with the magnetic side up, and also with the chalkboard side up.

This compact travel art easel for kids is perfect when you don’t want to bring a full-size easel with you or when you have a long car ride ahead of you. It is especially affordable since it is so versatile and comes with so many art supplies.

Buy it: 3-in-1 Travel Easel at Amazon

9. Easel With Palette

A dark stained wood easel is open to reveal an attached paint palette and storage underneath.

Besides being very attractive, what really sets this sophisticated easel and storage piece apart from the rest is the attached paint palette.

Buy it: Kingart Adjustable Tabletop Easel at Amazon

10. Easel Plus Art Supplies

A little girl sits in front of a large pink case that folds open to reveal a variety of art supplies like markers and paint. The center part folds into a tripod easel.

Of all the easels on our list, this one comes with the most supplies—markers, colored pencils, crayons, and watercolors, just to name a few. Regardless of whether your little one prefers working while sitting at a table or comfy on the floor, this kit will provide them with everything they need to get creative.

Buy it: DLucky 208-Piece Art Kit for Kids at Amazon

Best Full-Size Easels

11. Paint and Dry

A large red easel on wheels has paintings hanging from the top.
School Specialty

While expensive, this is an easel and so much more! This is the kind of product that would be a great investment for a school since the easels can be removed to reveal a double sand-and-water activity center. The casters make this a mobile art and sensory center.

Buy it: Double Paint N Dry Easel at School Specialty

12. Four-Sided

This four sided wooden art easel for kids features a red tray under each side that is shown holding paintbrushes and paints.
School Outfitters

While not the cheapest easel on our list, we think this one is perfect for schools or large families since multiple children can work at once. It is also height-adjustable to suit kids of all different ages and sizes.

Buy it: Adjustable Easel With Markerboard at School Outfitters

13. A Clear Choice

A child is seen standing beside a large art easel for kids that is taller than them and see through with a large flower painted on it.
Worthington Direct

This high-quality art easel for kids is unique since it features double-sided see-through acrylic. The paint cups on both sides make it perfect for two students to work simultaneously. If you prefer whiteboard markers, those work well on this easel too. While you may not need it, this 50-inch-tall easel features a lifetime warranty.

Buy it: Jonti-Craft See Thru Easel at Worthington Direct

14. Fence Easel

An easel is seen hanging from a wire fence outside in this example of an art easel for kids. A red tray holds cups of paint.
Worthington Direct

Nature provides a lot of art inspiration, so why not try out this easel that is designed to hang on a fence in your yard or outside your school? This idea is so innovative but makes so much sense!

Buy it: Manta Ray Single Hanging Fence Easel at Worthington Direct

15. 3-in-1 Double-Sided Easel

Two gray easels are shown. One with the whiteboard side facing out and the other with the chalkboard. Paper rolls are on the top and there is a lot of storage on the bottom.

This option really has a little bit of everything, from the paper roll at the top to the whiteboard side, the chalkboard side, and the storage on the bottom! If you’re looking for something to look polished in your home too, we think the gray finish on this easel looks oh-so sophisticated.

Buy it: Costzon Kids Art Easel at Amazon

16. Rotate and Adjust

A blue, green, red, and yellow easel is shown at two heights. The middle picture shows how the easel part rotates 360 degrees.

This easel is so adjustable, it has our heads spinning! We love that it can grow with your little artist and the easel can be tipped to whatever angle is most comfortable for them.

Buy it: Rotatable Double-Sided Easel at Amazon

17. Complete Art Center

A plastic stand has storage above and below it filled with art supplies. A desk folds out from the center and a stool is in front of the desk.

While not technically an easel, this art activity center is the whole package. There’s ample storage, a foldout desk, and a stool. The toddler- and preschool-age crowd will take one look at this neat setup and get right to work on their next masterpiece.

Buy it: Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk at Amazon

18. Adjustable Tripod

A metal tripod art ease for kids is shown at two different sizes. Dimensions for height options are shown.

This easel works equally well as a tabletop easel or as a standing one. Aside from being made from sturdy aluminum, the best part of this tripod easel is how adjustable it is. This art easel for kids can accommodate different-size artists as well as different-size artworks.

Buy it: Display Easel Stand at Amazon

19. Professional Quality

A wooden easel is shown with a metal tray coming out of it. A close-up of a wooden paint palette is also shown in this example of an art easel for kids.

If you’re taking a trip to Paris to work on your painting by the Seine River, then this is the perfect easel for you! Even if you’re not (more likely!), this French easel has drawers for storing art supplies, an aluminum side tray and towel hooks, and an overall large and functional work station. The easel also folds into a compact wooden box with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

Buy it: French Easel at Amazon

20. Inflatable Option

Two kids in bathing suits stand in front of a huge inflatable art easel for kids painting a butterfly.

This is the perfect art easel for kids to use during the summer months since it is best used outdoors. Set it up beside the pool and let kids paint on the giant, inflatable surface with washable paint.

Buy it: HearthSong Inflatable Giant Easel at Amazon

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Check out some of our favorite art easels for kids, including table-top and full-size options for kids of all ages and abilities.