You’re Going To Want These Money Minutes! Get Our Free Bundle

Perfect for grades 2 and 3!

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Flat lays of Money Minutes on a green background

You’ve taught your money unit, but how do you get those skills to stick? With daily practice! But it seems like most “mad minute” worksheets are all about basic operations. So we created this bundle of five Money Minutes. Each day, the problems follow the same format but get progressively more challenging. Give them a try with your second and third graders!

Yes, I Want My Mad Minute Bundle!

How To Use Money Minutes

Here are several ideas for making the most of this resource:

  • Whole-group practice: Put a worksheet up on your interactive whiteboard and work together to solve the problems.
  • Entry task: As you transition into your math block, use this daily task to get kids focused.
  • Small-group work: This can be a great intervention for students who need support with money skills.
  • Homework: Send this as at-home practice!

Flat lays of filled-out Money Minutes

Yes, I Want My Mad Minute Bundle!