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Learning about the Bill of Rights is an important part of civic education, shaping students into informed, responsible, and active participants in a democratic society. Our free Bill of Rights worksheet bundle includes five printable pages of student handouts and activities to help you teach this topic. This bundle pairs perfectly with our free Bill of Rights Google Slides.

What’s included in the Bill of Rights worksheet bundle?

Our Bill of Rights worksheet bundle includes five printable pages of student reading materials and activities that make teaching this topic easy and fun.

Bill of Rights Student Handout

Bill of Rights worksheet student handout
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Start by having your students read the Bill of Rights handout, which includes kid-friendly explanations of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

The 10 Amendments Student Handouts

The 10 Amendments student handout page one
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Then have them read the two-page student handouts with information about the 10 Amendments. It even highlights and defines the tricky vocabulary words!

Bill of Rights Reading Comprehension Quiz

Bill of Rights Worksheet reading comprehension quiz questions.
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Once your students read the handouts, it’s time to pass out the Bill of Rights reading comprehension worksheet to test their knowledge.

The 10 Amendments Scenarios Matching Activity

Bill of Rights Worksheet with 10 Amendments Printable matching zctivity
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If you’re looking for a fun and interactive extension activity, have students work individually or in small groups to match the amendments to their corresponding student scenarios. Students can cut and glue them in pairs on a blank page or in their notebooks. Hide them around the classroom and have students work together to find and match them in a pocket chart. Or try a guessing game where students read or act out each scenario and their peers guess the related amendment. Students can even write their own examples of other situations that apply to each amendment.

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Plus, be sure to check out our Bill of Rights for Kids resource page. It includes free Google Slides to use in the classroom, videos, activities, and more.