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From A to Z!

Flat lays of letter tracing worksheets

If you’re a pre-K, kindergarten, or first grade teacher, these letter-tracing worksheets are for you! Teaching proper letter formation is absolutely key in the early grades (after all, it’s what allows students to develop a fluid and legible handwriting style), so we’ve created this bundle to help you in your instruction and as students practice.

What’s on each worksheet?

Each letter-tracing worksheet shows the uppercase and lowercase letter with arrows showing how they should be formed (you’ll see little numbers as well; numbers after one indicate that you should pick up your pencil). There are two lines of practice each for uppercase and lowercase. Students will trace about a third of the way across each line and then write the letters on their own the rest of the way. We also included three simple words that start with each letter for students to trace, along with small pictures that they can color.

Letter tracing worksheets for j and t

For example:

  • A: ant, apple, arm
  • B: ball, bear, boat
  • C: cake, car, cow

We also included uppercase and lowercase review pages!

Letter tracing review worksheets

How can I use these letter-tracing worksheets in the classroom?

We made these for you to use as you see fit, but we do have a few ideas for you:

  1. Instruction: Use these sheets to introduce each letter. Put them on the document camera so you can model how to form the letters correctly.
  2. Independent practice: After introducing each letter, hand each student a copy of the corresponding worksheet to complete at their desks.
  3. Centers: Provide a variety of these worksheets for students to do during a rotation.
  4. Homework: After some instruction, these can be done independently, which makes them excellent options for sending home.
  5. Intervention support: If you have a student whom you notice is forming letters incorrectly (starting the “e” from the bottom, for example), you can pull a specific worksheet to have them practice.