Grades 6-12

5 Free Photosynthesis Worksheets for Middle and High School

Learn and review with unique activities including a maze, scavenger hunt, and more.

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photosynthesis bundle

Teaching photosynthesis this year? You’re in the right place! Five fantastic photosynthesis worksheets are ready to help your students learn and review this essential topic. There are activities for both middle and high school classrooms along with a teacher’s guide and answer key. You can say “So long!” to searching for unique and engaging activities for your photosynthesis lessons.

Check out the photosynthesis worksheets included:

Diagram and Reading Passage With Questions

photosynthesis diagram and reading passage
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Introduce your students to an overview of photosynthesis with a diagram they will label. Then, use the provided reading passage to have students read, highlight, or annotate the section to become more familiar with the photosynthesis process. The corresponding questions will test their understanding. Plus, both the diagram and reading questions can serve as awesome review tools before test time!


photosynthesis maze
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We’re loving this unique and fun activity! Students will start in the top left and answer each question in the green boxes. Once they select the correct answer, they’ll shade in that pathway to lead them to the next question to work on.

Scavenger Hunt

photosynthesis scavenger hunt
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Get students moving! Cut out the question cards and place them around the room. Students can start at any station and use their answer sheet to write out any work and their answer. Based on the answer they gave, they’ll find the next station to go to.

Cut and Paste

photosynthesis worksheets cut and paste activity
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Ask students to cut out the answer cards and they’ll work to match them in the correct space within the chart. Once their answers are finalized, they can paste them in! You can even ask students to color-code or draw a diagram on the answer cards to help them remember.

High school biology teacher Lacey VanBuskirk helped us create these amazing photosynthesis worksheets.