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School Science Classroom: Enthusiastic Teacher Explains Chemistry to Diverse Group of Students. Science Resources for Middle and High School
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Science trivia facts

60 Science Trivia Facts To Spark Student Curiosity

Spark students’ interest in and knowledge of science with this trivia.

Free Printable Science Posters To Celebrate Black History Month

Free Printable Black Scientist Posters

Get these free posters to brighten your space and spark conversation.

science bell ringers- Science Resources for Middle and High School

50 Science Bell Ringers to Kick-Start Class

Get bell ringers in every science subject!

Ward's Science - science by you - Science Resources for Middle and High School

NEW: Science by You

Get FREE activities and lessons created exclusively by real teachers like you including new ideas and fresh takes on routine topics!


photosynthesis bundle

Free Photosynthesis Worksheets for Middle + High School

Five engaging printables including a maze, scavenger hunt, and diagram!

Science by you biology- Science Resources for Middle and High School

Free Biology Activities for Your Classroom

Get ready-to-go activities created by teachers like you!

Two students discuss model of DNA helix

How Do Living Things Work? 4 Classroom Activities

DNA, osmosis, diffusion, and photosynthesis hands-on activities.

Energy drinks and fleas

Video + Activity: When Fleas Take Energy Drinks

Calculate the heart rate of a flea as it consumes an energy drink.

close up photo of leaf

Activity: Make Your Own Algae Beads

Study photosynthesis and respiration with the help of homegrown algae.

Cloning Workflow

Biotech and Cloning Workflow

An easy-to-read diagram to learn the cell-cloning process.

Painted Lady Butterfly worksheets filled out by student on desk with pencils and paperclips

Printable: Painted Lady Butterfly Activities

Observe and record butterfly life cycles and learn associated vocabulary.


science by you chemistry- Science Resources for Middle and High School

Chemistry Activities Created by Teachers Like You!

Free lessons on the periodic table, ions, and more are available here!

Girl student is learning and test science chemical with colorful liquid in beaker

15 Free Hands-On Chemistry Activities

From endothermic reactions to super-absorbent polymers.

This simple 15-minute activity for middle- and high-schoolers asks students to organize candies according to different properties.

Activity: The Periodic Table of Candy

Have students organize candies according to different properties.

Colorful fireworks in the sky

Article: Red, White, and Boom! How Fireworks Work

Learn about the explosive combination that creates these displays.

Biotech and Cloning Workflow

Activity: Polyurethane Foam Reaction

Combine two liquids to create this fantastic reaction that will have your students in awe! 

Chemistry elements

Check Out Chemistry Elements Fun Facts

Learn about the important roles of individual elements.

Geology & Earth Science

science by you geology/Earth science

Free Earth Science Activities for Your Class

Climate, space, and more! Get these teacher-created lessons.

Environmental management student handouts on desk with pencils and paperclips

Student Handout: Environmental Management

What is an environmental manager? Learn about this career here.

Use fossils to show your students what ancient environments were like.

5 Fun Ways To Use Fossils in Your Classroom

Fossils are evidence of tectonic plates and mass extinction!

Earth image with half of the planet on fire

The Best Earth Science Resources + Activities

Study photosynthesis and respiration with the help of homegrown algae.

Understanding Solar Eclipses Poster

Understanding Solar Eclipses Poster

Learn about these amazing phenomena with 
an eclipse-facts poster.

Columnar basalts

Fascinating Facts About Columnar Basalt

Observe and record butterfly life cycles and learn vocabulary.


science by you physics

Physics Activities for Your Classroom

Free lessons, labs, and more created by real teachers!

eye with different colors in it

Explore the Science of Color With These Awesome Articles

Receptors, wavelengths, color schemes, and more.

Newton's Law Activity

Activity: Newton’s Law Station

14 activities to learn about inertia. Perfect for small groups! 

Density column demonstration in glass

Activity: Demonstrate Density Columns

Create a density column to put students in the thick of it.

Planets orbitting the sun

Activity: Discover Exoplanets in a Galaxy Not So Near You

Simulate the Transit Method in a way that’s easy to grasp.

Kid with hair sticking up from static electricity

5 Troubleshooting Tips for Your Van de Graaff Generator

Perfect for teaching about electricity, but it can be finicky.


STEM activities- Science Resources for Middle and High School

Free STEM Lessons and Activities

Awesome activities to use this week created by real teachers!

Science notebook with pen in hand

Activity: Keeping a Great Laboratory Notebook

Learn to keep great notes just like scientist Charles Darwin.

Hopper Inspired Coding Activity

Hopper-Inspired Coding Activity

Introduce students to the Queen of Computer Code with this fun activity. 

Teacher using science kit

These Teachers Put Science Olympiad Kits to the Test

Kits that engage students in STEM discovery in creative ways.

Kid's hand with screwdriver working on STEM project

Article: Hands-On STEM Made Easy

Get everything you need to make real-world connections.

Astronaut standing on the moon

Activity: Design a Spacesuit in the Classroom

They maintain body temperature in the extreme heat and cold of outer space.

Interior of modern chemistry classroom: desk with microscope and laboratory glassware, blackboard - Science Resources for Middle and High School

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General Science

Ward's Science hands-on science kits for middle and high school

Article: 24 Hands-On Science Kits for Middle & High School

Make hands-on learning easy with a ready-to-go kit.

Six fun and different science careers for students to learn about.

Article: Surprising Science Careers To Share With Students

Get your students excited about a career in science!

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Teachers’ Favorite Ways To Use Ward’s Science Products

Get inspiration from fellow teachers, plus tips and tricks.

Free Science Poster Set

Free Science Poster Set

Download and print 5 posters for your classroom!

Resource for Science Grants and Funding

5 Steps to Winning Grants and Increasing Student Success

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note saying 'thank you teacher'

How Famously Successful People Said Thanks to Teachers

Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, Bill Gates, and more stories!