Principals Are Sharing the Lesser-Known Things They Love About Their Jobs, and It’s Adorable

This is the cutest.

Images and quotes about the best part of being a principal

In our Principal Life group on Facebook, one of our members posed this question: “What’s your favorite part of being a principal?’

Predictably, the responses we’d expect from these kind leaders poured in.

The students.

Being a part of someone’s growth.

Making a difference.


Connecting with students and staff.


Spending time in classrooms.

But while these responses are lovely, they’re not the ones we’re interested in. We’re interested in the ones that went beyond the surface; the ones that confirmed all of our long-held suspicions about why principals really love their jobs.

Spoiler alert: They’re adorable.

Here are just a few of the responses we loved.

“Having my own private bathroom.”

—Damon L.

“This morning I received a bag of fresh fruit from a student’s orchard and an egg from another student.”

“This is what it’s all about for me.❤️”

—Denise R.

“Feeling like a celebrity when I go out in public!”

—Courtney B.

“I love being able to walk into a classroom and make a fun announcement.”

—Melinda T.

“The best part of being a principal? Not going to lie, I love my shiny nameplate!”

—Darryl P.

“The birthday/holiday treats!”

—Kate M.

“The ability to use the announcement speaker at will, pull the fire alarm when we have drills, use a microphone at assemblies, and having the power to make people’s day better!”

—Katie R.

“Speeding in the golf cart around the campus! No one else has a key but ME!”

—Dr. B.

“The parking space.”

—Renee B.

“The spelling of ‘principal’ on handwritten notes and pictures.”

—Lindsay F., on a thread of different notes with “principal” spelled “prisibel,” “prinselbel,” “prisabl,” and “prihap.” 🥹

“Dressing up, of course!”

—Cynthia M.

“Being pranked!”

“A lot of it I could live without, but ‘haze’ me all day, kids, please!”

—Angela G.

We loved these principals’ candid and honest responses about the best part of being a principal. No judgment here—principals (OK, most principals) have totally earned their extra treats, announcement power, and private bathroom with the work they do to support teachers and kids.

If we had a golf cart to get around campus, we’d be obsessed with it too!

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The best part of being a principal? Principals will quickly tell you it's the kids—but here are the lesser-known perks of the job!