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Real-world math and money activities for K–8

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Welcome to Adventures in Math, a free educational program to help teach kids math skills and financial responsibility.

Find interactive games, flash cards, lessons by grade level, family resources, and at-home activities for students in grades K–8. These lessons and activities will teach basic money terms, the value of coins and bills, responsible spending, how sales tax works, and more!


Check out these new lessons and activities.

Reality check game on a computer and tablet.

Brand-New Middle Grade Game of Financial Choices

Follow the path to financial success!

Let's Go Shopping interactive white board lesson on a laptop screen

Free Interactive Whiteboard Lesson for Grades 6-8: “Let’s Go Shopping!”

A fun, ready-to-go lesson on calculating sales tax!

Money word problem on a projector screen: 'Which has the same value as 10 pennies?' with a dime and a nickel

Check Out These 30 Money Word Problems

Perfect for a daily warm-up for Grades 2 and 3!

Flat lay of virtual money manipulatives slides

Get These Free Virtual Money Manipulatives

Never sort your money manipulatives again!


Easy-to-use lesson plans and practical worksheets.

Grades 6–8 Lessons

Flay lay of 'Calculating Sales Tax' lesson

Calculating Sales Tax

Compare shopping costs by determining sales tax with this printable worksheet. Grades 6–8.

Flat lay of 'Finding the Better Buy' lesson

Finding the Better Buy

Make smart purchasing decisions by calculating costs and following a road-map activity. Grades 6–8.

Flat lay of 'Saving for the Future' lesson

Saving for Your Future

How does saving money help reach goals? This activity demonstrates how interest works. Grades 6–8.

Grades 3–5 Lessons

Flat lay of Money Matters lesson

Money Matters

Explore ideas for earning money and career choices while learning key terms. Grades 3–5.

Flat lays of Plans and Goals lesson on budgets

Plans and Goals

Learn the components of a budget and understand product pricing with a worksheet activity. Grades 3–5.

Flat lays of Saving Money lesson

Smart Saving

Understand the differences between saving and investing and solve word problems. Grades 3–5.

Flat lays of Spend, Save, Give lesson

Spending, Saving, and Giving

Why is keeping a budget and money records so important? Try this “using money wisely” activity. Grades 3–5.

Flat lay of poster from Charitable Giving lesson

Make a Difference

Create a persuasive, colorful poster to raise funds and support for charity. Grades 3–5.

Grades K–2 Lessons

Flat lay of Money Basics lesson and worksheet

Money Basics

Why do we need money? Identify bills and consider how money is used. Grades K–2.

Flat lays of Money Planning lesson and activity sheet

Plans and Goals

Learn how money can be used and the best places to keep it with this printable. Grades K–2.

Flat lay of Money in Our Community lesson

Money in Our Community

What are needs vs. wants? Learn about the exchange of money in the economy. Grades K–2.

Check out how these lesson plans support Common Core by grade. 👇


These games help students gain financial literacy in a fun way.

Road To Riches Game

The Road to Riches Game

A fun, ready-to-go lesson on calculating sales tax!Play this interactive board game to earn, save, and spend while traveling through town. Grades 3–5.

The Biggest Bang Game

Bang for Your Buck Game

Move a shopping bag through the mall to make the best purchasing decisions. Grades 6–8.

Piggy Bank Quiz

The Piggy Bank Quiz

How do you use your money? Use this kid-friendly quiz to make money choices. Grades K–2.

Image of game cards

Grades 3–5 Flash Cash Cards

Learn important money terms and switch to quiz mode to check knowledge.

Image of flash cards

Grades 6–8 Flash Cash Cards

Use budgeting and spending terms in real-world examples to make smart money choices.

More Resources for Teachers

Flat lays of Money Minutes on a green background

You’re Going To Want These Money Minutes! Get Our Free Bundle

You’re going to want these Money Minutes! Get our free bundle./

Why don't students know coins

Why Don’t Kids Know Their Coins Anymore?

Remember the good old-fashioned piggy bank?

Our Favorite Resources for Teaching Money Skills

Use puzzles, piggy banks, grocery shopping, and more.


Keep kids learning about money at home.

Where Did My Allowance Go

Whoa! Where Did My Allowance Go?

Build budgeting skills by making spending choices in this board game activity. Grades 6–8.

Let’s Go Grocery Shopping

Teach the basics of coins & bills by setting up an at-home store in the kitchen. Grades Pre-K–3.

Image of Don't Lose Your Money Handout

Don’t Lose Your Money

Pick out the best places to keep money safe with this printable worksheet. Grades K–2.

Sort and Count Your Coins

Add up the value of money with spare change around the house and this handy printable. Grades K–5.

Making “Cents” of Prices

What is the value of money? Practice counting out cash to pay for household items. Grades K–8.

Image of Making Money Handout

Making Money

How can money be earned? Work through this worksheet of questions. Grades 3–5.

Image of Regions Profit Parade Handout

Profit Parade

Calculate the profit on various items sold and practice budgeting with this printable. Grades 3–5.

Image of Dollar Dilemmas Handout

Dollar Dilemmas

Practice money skills and use key terms to solve math word problems. Grades 3–5.

Images of Using Money Wisely Handout

Using Money Wisely

What is the smartest way to use money? Work through real-world examples. Grades 3–5.

Calculate the Cost

Extend math learning at home by calculating sales tax, discounts, and more. Grades 3–8.

Spend, Save, and Give

Understand three key savings goals with this simple money planner. Grades 3–8.

Family Math Challenge

Which is the best deal? Calculate sales tax with this family road trip worksheet activity. Grades 3–8.

What Does It Cost?

Understand the cost of household items with conversation starters and a fill-in expense table. Grades 3–8.

Image of Figure Out the Sales Tax Handout

Figure Out the Sales Tax

Practice using percentages and mental math to figure out the total cost of items. Grades 6–8.

Image of Regions Saving With A Purpose Handout

Saving With a Purpose

Complete a mission to help a club save enough money for a community project. Grades 6–8.

Image of Regions Road Map to the Better Buy Handout

Road Map to the Better Buy

Follow the road-map worksheet and choose the best buy along the trip. Grades 6–8.

Worth the Bucks?

Drive the car conversation by talking about alternatives, purchasing, and more. Grades 9–12.


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Image for Kids with Money video.

Watch Kids & Money Video

We’re talking about the money talk! Give your kids the tools they need to understand money at an early age. Grades K–8.

Parent Magazine Preview

Read Family Magazine

Get ideas for starting the money conversation to build responsible spenders and savers. Grades K–8.

For more financial education resources for the whole family, visit the Regions Next Step site.

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